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Moskau, Tscherjomuschki

Fotogallerie für Moskau, Tscherjomuschki - Insgesamt  Fotos.

Moscow, 1958. A city in dire need of housing. Hopes turn to a new district with the felicitous name Tscherjomuschki, which can be loosely translated as »Little Cherry Tree«. Four couples believe the Soviet propaganda guaranteeing a wonderful new life there, and apply for flats in Tscherjomuschki: the tourist guide Bubenzow and his young wife Mascha; Boris and Lidotschka, newly acquainted and soon to fall in love; Lidotschka’s father Barbunow and Sergej, an old friend of Boris and chauffeur to the apparatchik Drebednjow, who, together with his wife, makes up the last of these couples in search of a new home. However, the supposedly wonderful new housing estate quickly turns out to be a grubby, sloppily built ghetto, a wilderness of cheerless tower blocks where corruption is the order of the day.
Disguised as a comedy, Dmitri Shostakovich’s opera lays bare the realities behind the Soviet policy of relocation that took place during the political thaw of the Khrushchev era. Carried along on a wave of captivating melody inspired by American musicals and classical operettas, the story mocks the authorities behind a veil of laughter.

Musical comedy in three acts Performed in German

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21 Feb 2014
08:00 pm
23 Feb 2014
08:00 pm
25 Feb 2014
11:00 am
28 Feb 2014
07:00 pm
02 Mar 2014
04:00 pm
04 Mar 2014
07:00 pm
06 Mar 2014
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28 Mar 2014
07:30 pm
30 Mar 2014
07:30 pm
31 Mar 2014
07:00 pm
02 Apr 2014
07:00 pm

Musical Director: Mikhail Agrest
Staging: Christine Mielitz
Set Design & Costume Design: Christian Rinke
Choir: Christiane Büttig
Lighting Design: Marco Dietzel
Video: Knut Geng
Dramaturgy: Valeska Stern, Christian Baier
Choreography: Katrin Wolfram
Figurenbildnerin: Franziska Schmidt

Casting 02 Apr 2014

Sascha Bubenzow: Alexander Hajek
Mascha: Ewa Zeuner
Semjon Baburow: Tom Martinsen
Lidotschka: Nadja Mchantaf
Boris Korezki: Sebastian Wartig
Sergej Gluschkow: Adam Frandsen
Ljusja: Antigone Papoulkas
Drebednjow: Matthias Henneberg
Wawa: Christiane Hossfeld
Barabaschkin: Michael Kranebitter
Puppenspieler 1: Falk Pieter Ulke
Puppenspieler 2: Jens Hellwig
Puppenspieler 3: Kora Tscherning

Giuseppe-Sinopoli-Akademie of the Staatskapelle Dresden

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Ewa Zeuner (Mascha), Alexander Hajek (Sascha)|Moskau, Tscherjomuschki|© Matthias Creutziger

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Moskau, Tscherjomuschki
Moskau, Tscherjomuschki
Moskau, Tscherjomuschki