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Fotogallerie für Elektra - Insgesamt  Fotos.

Elektra is consumed by hatred. She only loves the dead and the lost: her nefariously murdered father, Agamemnon, and her banished brother, Orest. She bides her time. For the hour when she can avenge herself against her mother, Klytaemnestra, and her mother’s lover, Aegisth. The bodies of the main characters are rotting with inner decay. Like the living dead, their actions are contained in a space without walls. Only Elektra’s sister, Chrysothemis, still nurses hope of a happy, prosperous existence.
It is a familial tragedy of recurring afflictions, of violence and monstrous acts, written by Richard Strauss in 1909 to a libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. An intimate chamber drama accompanied by a massive orchestral score, this is a psychological study of guilt and atonement, of forgiveness, revenge and the question of justice, played out in an atmosphere of imminent doom. The composer shocked his contemporaries with the music to »Elektra«. Following the scandalous premiere in Dresden, the score was vilified as a »riotous cacophony of noise«. Strauss himself admitted that in this work he had approached »the outer limits of psychic polyphony«.


Tragedy in one act by Hugo von Hofmannsthal Performed in German with supertitles

Running time 1 hour 45 minutes

Next Performances / Casting

28 Nov 2014
07:00 pm - 08:45 pm
15 Dec 2014
07:00 pm - 08:45 pm

Musical Director: Lothar Koenigs
Staging: Barbara Frey
Set Design: Muriel Gerstner
Costume Design: Bettina Walter
Lighting Design: Gérard Cleven
Choir: Wolfram Tetzner
Dramaturgy: Micaela v. Marcard

Casting 15 Dec 2014

Klytämnestra: Tichina Vaughn
Elektra: Elena Pankratova
Chrysothemis: Manuela Uhl
Aegisth: Jürgen Müller
Orest: Markus Marquardt
Pfleger des Orest: Matthias Henneberg
Vertraute: Andrea Ihle
Schleppträgerin: Christiane Hossfeld
Junger Diener: Gerald Hupach
Alter Diener: Tilmann Rönnebeck
Aufseherin: Sabine Brohm
1. Magd: Constance Heller
2. Magd: Gala El Hadidi
3. Magd: Christa Mayer
4. Magd: Roxana Incontrera
5. Magd: Nadja Mchantaf

Staatskapelle Dresden

Project Partner Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Sachsen, Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden, Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen, Sachsen Bank

With generous support of the foundation of the Semperoper Dresden

Photo gallery

Rachel Willis-Sørensen (4. Magd), Gala El Hadidi (2. Magd), Christa Mayer (3. Magd), Constance Heller (1. Magd)|Elektra|© Matthias Creutziger

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