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How deserted this city, once so populous

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The end of a long war. »Human wrecks« meet up: refugees, soldiers, generals decorated with medals, a blind organ grinder, nurses, members of the Salvation Army. They want to survive another day, rebuild the country, get their bearings, make sure of each other.
But death snatches them away in an explosion.
In the epilogue, a man and woman appear from another world. They too have to die. In the face of death, all are equal. »Vanitas«: everything is transitory.

by Heinrich Schütz and Matthias Weckmann

Running time 2 hours 15 minutes

Premiere 13 May 2004

No shows at the current season.

Staging, Set Design and Costume Design: Herbert Wernike
Szenische Übertragung: Björn Jensen
Lighting Design: Hermann Münzer
Choir: Matthias Brauer
Dramaturgy: Sophie Becker