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Il tutore / The Guardian

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A piece of Dresden’s operatic history. Along with Weber, Wagner and Strauss, Johann Adolph Hasse is one of the Semperoper’s »household gods«; during his lifetime the city enjoyed its first flowering as a world centre for opera. Now, following 2005’s »Cleofide«, comes a further work by this composer. »Il tutore« was composed for Naples in 1730, at which time Dresden’s royal court was already wooing Hasse (the piece was performed in the Saxon capital only eight years later). Intermezzi are an early form of opera buffa – short and amusing scenes influenced by commedia dell’arte and Moliere’s comedies, to be inserted between the acts of opera seria, the »serious« form of Baroque opera. Whether lord or maidservant, guardian or ward, almost all intermezzi deal with the ridiculous love of a besotted old man, outwitted by the object of his desires – a shrewd young girl - occasionally aided by her young lover. Thus it is with Pandolfo. As the guardian and admirer of Lucilla, he proves no match for his ward’s superior cunning. »Il tutore« is the first in a series of intermezzi to be performed at the Semperoper over the next few seasons. Included staged play:
»Der Automobilsalon« by Eugène Ionesco


Intermezzo by Johann Adolf Hasse Performed in Italian with German inserted text. Included staged play: »Der Automobilsalon« by Eugène Ionesco

Running time 1 hour

Premiere 03 Oct 2010

No shows at the current season.

Staging: Manfred Weiß
Set Design: Arne Walther
Costume Design: Frauke Schernau
Dramaturgy: Sophie Becker

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