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Grand heroic, romantic opera in three acts by Carl Maria von Weber



The war is over, the men return home.

Act 1

The King is holding a feast to celebrate peace.
Both men and women are trying to get used to this new situation.
Adolar stands aloof. The King calls on him to sing a hymn to his betrothed Euryanthe.
Adolar saves the situation by singing a heartfelt romance to love. His ardour for Euryanthe unites all those present.
Lysiart cannot bear this idyll. He is looking for a fight by questioning the fidelity of women.
Lysiart and Adolar make a wager on Euryanthe's fidelity and stake their possessions on the outcome.
The King has to allow the wager. Everyone hopes that Euryanthe will remain steadfast.
Euryanthe is longing for Adolar's return. She searches for comfort at the grave of Adolar's sister Emma.
Her sole companion and confidante is Eglantine.
Eglantine, the daughter of a rebellious subject defeated by the King, saved Adolar's life. She is jealous of Euryanthe.
She seeks to gain Euryanthe's confidence and learn the secret surrounding Emma's grave. Sorrowing for her lover Udo slain in battle, Emma committed suicide. Her soul can only find rest in the tears of someone innocently accused. Adolar keeps the family tragedy a secret.
Now Eglantine knows how to destroy Euryanthe and Adolar.
Adolar's retainers are looking forward to his marriage with Euryanthe.
Lysiart woos Euryanthe but is rejected.

Act 2

Lysiart is deeply hurt – as a man and loser of the wager.
Eglantine's campaign of revenge against Adolar and Euryanthe has begun. She steals the ring from Emma's corpse containing the poison. Lysiart happens to witness this. He offers her his assistance and marriage. They are united in revenge. Adolar yearns for Euryanthe and the assurance of her fidelity.
The lovers are overwhelmed by their reunion and their imminent marriage.
The unsuspecting Euryanthe finds herself in judgement before the King and his men. Lysiart claims to have won the wager: he proves Euryanthe's infidelity by recounting the story of Emma and her ring. He insists on claiming the proceeds from the wager.
Disappointment abounds. Euryanthe is attacked from all sides. Adolar escapes from the company with Euryanthe.

Act 3

Adolar drags Euryanthe through a deserted place. He refuses to believe her protests of innocence.
Euryanthe believes Adolar's life to be threatened by a serpent. She wants to give her life in his place.
Adolar refuses to accept her sacrifice. The serpent is as much a threat as a seduction. Adolar escapes the serpent's stranglehold. He cannot bring himself to kill Euryanthe. He goes his way leaving her behind.
Euryanthe breaks down. She is admitted to a lunatic asylum.
The King is on a charity tour and discovers Euryanthe. She is now able to speak about the betrayal perpetrated against her. The King promises to save her love. Euryanthe is beside herself with the joy of seeing Adolar again.
The marriage of Lysiart and Eglantine is imminent. A circus provides entertainment.
Adolar returns home. The people recognise him and look to him to liberate them from their two hated rulers. They appeal to Adolar not to doubt Euryanthe's fidelity.
Eglantine experiences a crisis of conscience and suffers a breakdown during the celebrations.
Adolar discloses his identity and challenges Lysiart to combat.
The King ends the fight and tells Adolar that Euryanthe is dead.
Eglantine triumphs and divulges the intrigue. Lysiart kills her.
Adolar is completely distraught and takes the entire blame upon himself.
Lysiart sees all his plans in ruins and kills himself.
The people seem themselves deprived of all hope. The King is incapable of action. Suddenly all joy breaks out: Euryanthe is alive. The fate of Euryanthe and Adolar has a happy ending. Harmony reigns and happiness is enjoyed by all.


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