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Mise en abyme / Reflection

Here´s to the rule of three! The Italian female composer Lucia Ronchetti linked the baroque intermezzo to the 21st century with the intermezzi »Contrascena« and »Sub-Plot«. She now fuses these musical genres into a new chamber opera, »Mise en abyme«. Once again, we meet none other than Pietro Metastasio, renowned poet at the Vienna Court Opera and author of the best-known baroque opera libretti such as »Didone abbandonata«, but also of the satirical Intermezzo »L'impresario delle Canarie«. Being a play within a play, both pieces will be performed in one evening. The poet himself directs this inevitable chaos and hardly misses an opportunity to contemplate his views of »modern« musical theater. Aside from all theory, however, »Mise en abyme« pulls aside the dirty curtain and provides an amusing glimpse of the confusing processes within a Neapolitan theatrical production, seasoned with Ronchetti`s unmistakable, contemporary interpretation of baroque music.

World premiere
In Semper 2

Premiere 22 Feb 2015

Next Performances / Casting

22 Feb 2015
11:00 am
25 Feb 2015
07:30 pm
26 Feb 2015
07:30 pm
01 Mar 2015
04:00 pm
03 Jun 2015
07:30 pm
05 Jun 2015
07:30 pm
07 Jun 2015
04:00 pm

Musical Director: Felice Venanzoni
Staging: Axel Köhler
Set Design: Arne Walther
Costume Design: Frauke Schernau
Barocke Mimik: Nils Niemann
Dramaturgy: Anne Gerber

Casting 01 Mar 2015

Dorina: Sabine Brohm
Nibbio: Hagen Matzeit
Metastasio: Roland Schubert
Enea: Pavol Kubán
Iarba: Julian Arsenault
Stimme 2: Julia Mintzer
Stimme 3: Christopher Tiesi
Orchester: Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden