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The Cunning Little Vixen

A forester, a vixen and the forest. Three unusual and seemingly unspectacular components form the material from which 70-year-old Leos Janacek created one of his most amazing and beautiful operas, which premiered in Brno in 1924. He is able to turn a mere animal fable into a story about the mystery of life. Animals begin to speak and behave like people and people in turn resemble animals. The lines are blurred. The young vixen becomes the projection surface of the Old Forest Ranger´s unfulfilled desires. Is it all just a dream or is it an expression of some greater wisdom? Youth and old age, birth and death, human and animal - are they different at all or simply different facets of timeless life? Leos Janacek´s music becomes a hymn to nature; his opera is at once a celebration and an old man´s farewell to life.

Opera in three acts Performed in Czech with German surtitles

Premiere 18 Oct 2014

Next Performances / Casting

18 Oct 2014
06:00 pm
21 Oct 2014
07:00 pm
27 Oct 2014
02:00 pm
01 Nov 2014
07:00 pm
21 Nov 2014
07:00 pm
26 Nov 2014
07:00 pm
09 Dec 2014
07:00 pm

Musical Director: Tomáš Netopil
Staging: Frank Hilbrich
Set Design: Volker Thiele
Costume Design: Gabriele Rupprecht
Choir: Wolfram Tetzner
Kinderchor: N.N.
Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit: Yvonne Gebauer
Dramaturgy: Stefan Ulrich

Casting 18 Oct 2014

Der Förster: Sergei Leiferkus
Die Försterin/ Eule/ Frau Pasek: Tichina Vaughn
Der Schulmeister /Mücke: Jürgen Müller
Der Pfarrer /der Dachs: Tomislav Lucic
Háraschta, ein Landstreicher: Matthias Henneberg
Der Gastwirt Pasek: Gerald Hupach
Sepp: Kapellknabe
Franzl: Kapellknabe
Füchslein Schlaukopf: Vanessa Goikoetxea
Der Fuchs: Barbara Senator
Dackel: Angela Liebold
Hahn/ Eichelhäher: Birgit Fandrey
Schopfhenne: Roxana Incontrera
Specht: Elisabeth Wilke
Kinderchor Sänger 1: Stefan Wagner
Kinderchor Sänger 2: Alessio Teichert
Kinderchor Sänger 3: Denis Radkov
Kinderchor Sänger 4: Laurin Giesecke
Kinderchor Sänger 5: Lukas Ernst
Kinderchor Sänger 6: Finn Brettschneider
Kinderchor Sänger 7: Maximilian Schütze
Kinderchor Sänger 8: Hannah Matthes
Kinderchor Sänger 9: Alma Matthes
Kinderchor Sänger 10: Elisa Rögner
Kinderchor Sänger 11: Olivia Oberg
Kinderchor Sänger 12: Anna Magdalena Fischer
Kinderchor Sänger 13: Lara Chill
Kinderchor Sänger 14: Elisabeth Schütze
Kinderchor Sänger 15: Elsa Bernhardt
Kinderchor Sänger 16: Leonie Unglaube
Kinderchor Sänger 17: Marlene Schädler
Kinderchor Sänger 18: Anna Schädler
Kinderchor Sänger 19: Laura Schloemann
Kinderchor Sänger 20: Lu-Ella Berndt
Kinderchor Sänger 21: Amelie Schmidt