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King Arthur

Fotogallerie für King Arthur - Insgesamt  Fotos.

One of the most stirring tales of chivalry is that of King Arthur and his Round Table. It is a story with the power to engage the listener, thrill the theatregoer and delight the opera lover. And now this legendary hero becomes the focus of an entirely new theatrical conglomerate, when those two great cultural institutions (and Dresden neighbours), the Staatsschauspiel and the Semperoper, join creative forces.
The opinion of the 17th century playwright Peter Motteux that »the English mind is such that it cannot bear continuous singing« is reflected in this semi opera by Henry Purcell and John Dryden, a unique symbiosis of music theatre, drama and visual spectacle. Premiered in 1691 in London’s Dorset Garden, at the time the most magnificent theatre in the whole of England, Purcell sends his titular hero, »King Arthur«, to do battle against Oswald, King of the Saxons. Rivals for the hand of Princess Emmeline of Cornwall, the two monarchs are magically assisted in their struggle by some old acquaintances. At Arthur’s side is his trusted counsellor Merlin, while Oswald can count on the support of the magician Osmund, the »earthy spirit« Grimbald and – at least initially – the »airy spirit« Philidel, all of whom make use of supernatural powers to gain control over Emmeline. The magical nature of the plot is underlined by a bewitching score that even today still has the power to captivate theatregoers and opera lovers alike.

A semi opera by Henry Purcell / John Dryden, Prologue and epilogue by Armin Petras Performed in German and English

Running time 3 hours 15 minutes

Next Performances / Casting

05 Nov 2014
07:30 pm - 10:45 pm
14 Nov 2014
07:30 pm - 10:45 pm
19 Nov 2014
07:30 pm - 10:45 pm
10 Dec 2014
07:30 pm - 10:45 pm
16 Jan 2015
07:30 pm - 10:45 pm
29 Jan 2015
07:30 pm - 10:45 pm

Musical Director: Felice Venanzoni
Staging: Tilmann Köhler
Set Design: Karoly Risz
Costume Design: Susanne Uhl
Lighting Design: Michael Gööck
Dramaturgy: Valeska Stern, Felicitas Zürcher
Choir: Christiane Büttig

Casting 05 Nov 2014

King Arthur: Matthias Reichwald
Merlin, ein berühmter Magier: Albrecht Goette
Conon, Herzog von Cornwall / Vasall Arthurs: Holger Hübner
Aurelius, Arthurs Freand: André Kaczmarczyk
Albanact, Hauptmann von Arthurs Garde / Waldgeist: Matthias Rexroth
Oswald, König von Kent / Sachse: Christian Erdmann
Osmond, ein sächsischer Zauberer: Benjamin Pauquet
Emmeline, Canons Tochter: Yohanna Schwertfeger
Matilda, Emmelines Dienerin / Sirene / Venus: Nadja Mchantaf
Philidel, ein Luftgeist: Sonja Beißwenger
Grimbald, ein Erdgeist: Peter Lobert
Cupido / Nereide: Romy Petrick
Luftgeist / Sirene / She: Akiho Tsujii
Herold / Schäfer / Waldgeist / Comus: Simeon Esper
Waldgeist / Aeolus / Pan / He: Ilhun Jung

Sinfoniechor Dresden
Collegium 1704

With generous support of the foundation of the Semperoper Dresden

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Yohanna Schwertfeger  (Emmeline, Conons Tochter), Nadja Mchantaf (Matilda, Emmelines Dienerin/Sirene/Venus), Matthias Reichwald (König Arthur)|King Arthur|© David Baltzer

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King Arthur
King Arthur
King Arthur