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bean&beluga – exclusive gastronomy in the Semperoper

Simple elegance and a first-class gastronomic experience – bean&beluga provides the perfect symbiosis of culture and pleasure. Unique wines, beautifully presented culinary highlights and an attentive and friendly bean&beluga team. The hallmarks of starred chef Stefan Hermann reflect, in culinary form, the exceptional qualities of the opera house.

Our service

Before the curtain rises we invite you to enjoy some culinary delights in all foyer areas. Stroll along the main foyer or linger in the side vestibules, where we will spoil you with exquisite hors d’oeuvres, delicious starters, as well as fine coffees, cakes and pastry specialities.

Our gastronomic choice you can find here.

Our recommendation

Keen to begin your evening at the opera in some style? Then we recommend the new bean&beluga lounge in the ground floor of the Semperoper, offering an intimate atmosphere and an excellent selection of champagnes and cocktails.

Your reservation

You have the option of making a reservation for our services on the terraces, the side vestibules and the bean&beluga lounge. As well as individual reservations we are happy to make arrangements for larger groups.

We will be delighted to take reservations up to two hours before the start of the performance under +49 351 44 00 880 0 or semperoper@bean-and-beluga.de

Bautzner Landstraße 32
01324 Dresden


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