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Impressing the Czar

Fotogallerie für Impressing the Czar - Insgesamt  Fotos.

Golden cherries, ostentatious dresses, a ballet set to classical music – the tsar would have been very impressed. But he has long since been swept away, just as living legend William Forsythe tends to sweep away conventional dance: radical, peppered with humor, he demonstrates this in the ground-breaking ballet »Impressing the Czar«, which premiered in 1988. The story ballet without a story begins to opulent costumes and sets, a naughty pictorial broadsheet, which turns out to be a scathing satire of art history and deconstruction of the history of dance. On its ruins, Forsythe rebuilds a new world: Traditional ballet movements are heightened, accelerated and combined anew to create »In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated« – since 2006 part of the Semperoper Ballet repertoire – the center section of this ballet evening. Dance and dancers alike celebrate themselves to electronic sound beats: »Drive, sex and virtuosity«, according to one review. Excess is eliminated, and in the end of »Czar«, even the remnants of any cultural heritage are auctioned off. What remains is a wild troop of college girls dancing to MTV-like moves, as outrageously simple as it is breathtakingly fast-paced.

Ballet in four parts
Choreography by William Forsythe

Premiere 22 May 2015

Next Performances / Casting

22 May 2015
07:00 pm
25 May 2015
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27 May 2015
12:00 pm
28 May 2015
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05 Jun 2015
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08 Jun 2015
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05 Jul 2015
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Choreography: William Forsythe
Music: Thom Willems, Leslie Stuck, Eva Crossman-Hecht, Ludwig van Beethoven
Set Design & Lighting Design: Michael Simon, William Forsythe
Costume Design: William Forsythe, Férial Simon
Text: William Forsythe, Richard Fein, Kathleen Fitzgerald

Semperoper Ballett
Music from tape

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