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The World According to Us

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In his newest piece of choreography specially created for the Semperoper Ballett and his last as Resident House Choreographer, David Dawson invites his audience to accompany him on a journey through a world of creativity that manifests itself everywhere and nowhere. The art that surrounds us presented as an impression by drawing a fine line between what is narrative and what is abstract. Intended to represent itself as a gallery of works for the audience to witness and enjoy. With music by celebrated composers Dawson aims at responding to visual images that relate to our artistic human history by blending the worlds of the real and of fantasy. Art that absorbs, cloaks and reveals all the unspeakable occurrences that surround it.

David Dawson

No shows at the current season.

Choreography, Konzept: David Dawson
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
Choreographic Assistant: Tim Couchman
Assistentin: Rebecca Gladstone
Set Design: John Otto
Lighting Design: Bert Dalhuysen
Costume Design: Yumiko Takeshima
Text: Kate Strong

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