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Nordic Lights

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The Northern Lights exert a magical attraction when they brighten the night’s sky with varicoloured luminous streaks. The atmosphere is laden with tension during this theatrical light-show, normally to be seen in the Polar Regions, bringing a sense of the inexplicable power of nature. All the choreographers for this Ballet Evening come from one northern country which knows this phenomenon: three Swedes, whose work is also infused with a potent force – the fascinating and at times unfathomable power of dance:
The creative impetus behind Pontus Lidberg’s new choreography is the richly allusive love poetry of the 13th century Persian poet and mystic Rumi. This is the catalyst for an intimate choreography that seeks to connect with the audience, and by means of a projection screen becomes as transparent as a membrane. And in Johan Inger’s piece »Walking Mad« a rather solid-looking wooden partition also mutates into a membrane, acting both to separate and to link situations and figures. Ravel’s »Boléro« accompanies the dancers in their bizarre, surreal or clown-like movements – but eventually the comedic mood turns into something altogether darker.
In Alexander Ekman’s piece entitled »Cacti«, the musicians of a string quartet and 16 dancers all contribute to a kinetic choreography that aims to break down traditional barriers. Erratically moving bodies make music through slapping, clapping and breathing, while musicians become integrated into the dance – and there’s one unresolved oddity: What are the cacti doing on the scene?

Mixed bill
Choreographies by Pontus Lidberg, Johan Inger, Alexander Ekman

Running time 2 hours 20 minutes

Premiere 25 Oct 2013

Next Performances / Casting

12 Jun 2015
07:00 pm - 09:20 pm
17 Jun 2015
07:30 pm - 09:50 pm
19 Jun 2015
07:00 pm - 09:20 pm
03 Jul 2015
07:00 pm - 09:20 pm
07 Jul 2015
08:00 pm - 10:20 pm

Im anderen Raum

Choreography: Pontus Lidberg
Music: Max Richter
Lighting Design & Set Design: Patrik Bogårdh
Projektionen: Petters Lidberg, Anna-Karin Nilsson, Filip Rensfelt
Costume Design: Rachel Quarmby-Spadaccini
Choreographic Assistant: Gamal Gouda
Dramaturgy: Stefan Ulrich

Walking Mad

Choreography, Set Design & Costume Design: Johan Inger
Music: Arvo Pärt, Maurice Ravel
Lighting Design: Erik Berglund
Staged by: Yvan Dubreuil


Choreography, Set Design & Costume Design: Alexander Ekman
Music: Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn
Lighting Design: Tom Visser
Text: Spenser Theberge
Staged by: Urtzi Aranburu

Casting 07 Jul 2015

Im anderen Raum

Elena Vostrotina, Courtney Richardson, Arika Togawa, Jenny Laudadio, Sonia Vinograd, Jón Vallejo, Fabien Voranger, Claudio Cangialosi, Francesco Pio Ricci, Julian Lacey

Walking Mad

Raquél Martínez, Julia Weiss, Duosi Zhu, Jiří Bubeníček, Claudio Cangialosi, Raphaël Coumes-Marquet, Johannes Schmidt, Francesco Pio Ricci, Casey Ouzounis


Duett: Sarah Hay, Jiří Bubeníček
Ensemble: Sangeun Lee, Julia Weiss, Raquél Martínez, Duosi Zhu, Jenny Laudadio, Vanja Vitman, Sonia Vinograd, Johannes Schmidt, Julian Lacey, Laurent Guilbaud, Claudio Cangialosi, Houston Thomas, Michael Tucker, Casey Ouzounis

Semperoper Ballett
String quartett (live) and music from tape

With kind support of the Stiftung zur Förderung der Semperoper

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Im anderen Raum|Ensemble|© Ian Whalen

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Nordic Lights
Nordic Lights
Nordic Lights